Sustainable Kitchens Don't Have to Cost the Earth

Our Approach to Sustainability

We’re very conscious of the affect our work can have on the environment. That’s why we’re constantly reviewing our work methods and processes to minimise the impact our work has on the planet. Being as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, with a view to continually improving, is at the heart of our approach. Below are a few of the ways that we are approaching sustainability.

Manufacture is local

Our kitchens are manufactured locally in Scotland, reducing the carbon footprint across the whole supply chain, and ensuring that we have swift local support for any issues.

All offcuts are re-used and recycled

We never waste wood - not even sawdust. All off-cuts are repurposed as a rule.

Sustainable logging with Fsc Certification

We ensure that all of our wood is sustainably logged, and is approved by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Low Formaldehyde MDF and water-based paints

Our MDF panels have low formaldehyde emissions to minimise the toxins that are present in your home and in the air. We only use water-based paints and lacquers which are much less harmful to breathe in than solvent-based equivalents.
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