Kitchen Design Studio

Caddisfly Kitchens is the premier local expert in designing and creating luxury, handcrafted kitchens in Glasgow. We will work with you to transform your home and bring your dream kitchen vision to reality.

We welcome customers to our Kitchen Design Studio but always recommend you book an appointment to avoid disappointment.

See Your Kitchen Design in 3D

Our Kitchen Design Studio allows our clients with the opportunity to see with their own eyes the quality of our designs, in a welcoming and friendly environment. We will customise your fitted, handcrafted kitchen to make it as unique as you are. Our previous customers are people that have carried out an extension or renovation to their existing rooms.

As every kitchen is completely bespoke, we’ll always provide a customised quotation to meet your exact budget and specification. Check out our FAQ Page.

Artisan Joiners & Cabinet Makers

We’re expert joiners and cabinet makers. But above all, we’re problem solvers. Thanks to Campbell’s extensive product design knowledge, Fabio’s expertise in architecture, and Nikita’s specialism in Interior Design, we have enshrined design thinking into the heart of our work. That means avoiding the simple route – we will never just slap on cabinets on the biggest wall available. We take the time to reconcile the reality of the space to the lifestyle and unmet needs of every customer, as well as being sensitive to existing architectural details. Every Caddisfly Kitchen is unique because every customer has different problems to solve.


Advanced Technology with Traditional Handcrafted Joinery Techniques

Our manufacturing processes combine traditional joinery techniques with advanced technology. We start by modelling your handcrafted kitchen using computer aided design (CAD). This allows you the chance to visualise your kitchen design using our VR headset. This is a brilliant tool as it creates a realistic 3D walk-through of your uniquely designed space that you can test out here in the studio. Our designers will then refine the design with you before cutting the individual components to the precise size. Once cut, panels are glued & dowelled together using tried-and-tested joinery methods. This approach guarantees precision, minimises waste, and results in incredibly durable cabinetry that will last a generation and beyond.

Caddisfly Kitchens cabinetry is made specifically for every project. We match size, shape, colour, and finish to the requirements of the client in their space. There is no library of off-the-peg units that we select from. Every component is designed from scratch every time – absolutely no shortcuts. This allows us to create genuinely bespoke, luxury handcrafted kitchens and furniture, together with you or your architect.

Lets Go. Together We Can Create Your Dream Kitchen.