Every Project has its challenges, we have put together what you should expect when you purchase a caddisfly kitchen.

We make over 40 bespoke kitchens per year and want to explain the process an average job.

We offer a design package worked to your budget and we can show you 3D visuals that can bring the new room to life.  We give every customer an appliance list to fill out with all the appliances they want in their kitchen, The choice is completely yours.

We can supply only or have the kitchen installed with one of our cabinet makers, we supply a working drawing and visualisations for your fitter as well as a guide on fitting our kitchens.

Most of our kitchens are for extensions or new build homes. With this in mind we receive drawings to work from and from experience the sizes can change sometimes when the room is built, even windows and doors can move. We understand that this can be a very stressful event and we want to express that you are going to achieve the dream kitchen you desire.

Depending on the type of door range you choose, we might need to change/make a cabinet smaller or bigger but not to worry as we always work with you, with hopefully no additional cost.

The time scale to have an average Caddisfly kitchen installed is 3-4 weeks.  To install our cabinets can only take a couple of days, most of our kitchens have solid stone worktops that take an average 10 working days from template to install.  As most of the rooms are completely new, your new flooring would then be installed and that would allow the kitchen to be finished with any end panels and plinths.

Then usually your painter is in to complete the room.

Your fitter may have queries during the install as they might not be used to fitting our high-end cabinets. We are always on hand to answer any questions your fitter may have.  We are more than happy for your fitter to contact us directly and even come into the workshop and go over the design.  One day after delivery your designer will visit with drawings and the installation guide to go over the kitchen and layout, they will also pop in at least once a week until completion to make sure things are all ok during the install.

Our cabinets are pre-assembled with all the wire work, doors and drawers already installed.  In shortness all the fitter needs to do is level them up and screw them together. During the install of the appliances/sink etc there might be holes or parts of the kitchen cabinet needing to be cut on site which is normal to complete the install of the appliances.

To see the end product of our designs check out some of our projects.